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The Coloring Method is a portable mindfulness resource based on simple coloring exercises that pleasantly guide you through an intimate meditation practice.

Embolden Your Client’s Connection to Mindfulness

In addition to your practice, the Coloring Method’s simple exercises can serve as an added resource to your client’s personal development by facilitating their engagement with meditation and self-introspective healing practices.

“The Coloring Method is a fantastic series of books for teachers and students alike. They can be used on trainings, as moving and living art, or as a personal journey to discover one's self.”

Lindita Krzysciak

Founder and Lead Yoga Teacher Trainer for Quaternity Yoga

“The Coloring Method is a great alternative in these times of high anxiety. It creates a pause, a breath of tranquility.”

Alex H. Hermann,

University Professor and Cultural Psychologist. BA, MA, C. Psych, R Psych

“I love to be able to visualize my breath. Doing this has brought a new life and focus to my daily practice”

Amelie Lefebvre

Artist and Mindfulness Practitioner

The Research

The Coloring Method exercises are supported by groundwork research on neuroplasticity findings on the power of meditation, breathwork, and the use of positive affirmations to rewire the brain.

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